Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In the Bedroom

I must say I found it odd Andre Dubus would set this story in Maine rather than somewhere around Boston. I say this because IN THE BEDROOM, despite being a serious drama comes off as something Stephen King might have written if he ever had the drive to nab a Pulitzer or such. Make no mistake from the title, this is one heavy piece of work and it was because of said title and the fact Sissy Spacek was in it that the DVD stayed on a shelf unwatched for years. I always make this mistake with Spacek. I'm expecting some chick flick drivel, watch whatever film it happens to be and time and time again walk away amazed at her work. I also say, "next time it won't happen" but it does. This picture was nominated for 5 Oscars, earning Tom Wilkinson his first nod and I mention this because the film for the most part is about his character and how he deals with a "situation". As an aside, a "REAL" film critic friend of mine always chides me about having it easy on my blog as I'm not required to tell readers what the film is about. Sometimes I do but for the most part I like to let you find out for yourself. The blog is used by most as a late night guide, as in HAIRY BOTTOMED BOOGER SUCKER is on in 5 minutes, it's 2 in the friggin' morning, is this worth staying up for. With IN THE BEDROOM you don't want to be watching this at that hour nor when you might be suffering from a bout of depression as this one is bummer central. It also happens to be brilliant but will require your full attention as it's quite complex in it's simplicity. Marisa Tomei has some fine moments but I must take a second to point out William Mapother. ost of his know him from LOST and here he delivers equal creep-out factor. Fine acting, amazing story and script...just be careful when you choose to watch it.


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I saw this in the theatres when it came out for Oscars. I thought it was fantastic. I call it "an old man action flick". The vibe from Spacek at the end...in the bedroom...is bone chilling.


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