Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rails & Ties

This is the only film to date directed by Alsion Eastwood (yes, Clint's little girl!) and while certainly a great debut it's a shame she didn't have a better script to work with. While about as credible as an honest investment banker it is an interesting story and if taken as a rather morose fairy tale it is quite compelling and examines many issues surrounding terminal illness, death and suicide and how we cope with it. What makes the film work despite the script is the strong performances of the principal cast. Kevin Bacon can easily cary a work like this but the support he receives from the young Miles Heizer is excellent and Marcia Gay Harden is spot on. She has a bathroom scene which may very well be the best work of herlife and it doesn't matter, male or female it will have a powerful effect on you. No doubt in my mind you will be able to catch this in regular rotation on the Women's Network soon and compared to most of the junk they broadcast film wise these days it will be a welcome addition.


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