Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Were Soldiers

One could go on about the politics behind this film concerning the first major battle in the American/Vietnam conflict but I will not bother. I took this as pretty much as one man's account of said events, this man being Hal Moore portrayed here by Mel Gibson. While realistic in every aspect I had some trouble with Gibson in this role. I think it was a case of his acting style not quite fitting the part though can easily understand to cast him for the box office draw. Where Gibson fails, Sam Elliott excels and a big surprise for me was Greg Kinnear who was amazingly effective. Aside from the politics, the flag waving bent of the film bothered many and I can't see why as it was handled in a tasteful fashion. If watching the DVD version be sure to check out the included documentary with extensive interviews with Moore which in some ways I enjoyed more than the actual picture and if war is of interest to you his book is a must read.


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