Tuesday, July 14, 2009

King's Ransom

The few times back in Toronto when I would hit the Caribana celebrations I would constantly see these t-shirts with "it's a black thing, you wouldn't understand" splashed across them. Mind you, I was at a FEAR concert once and saw a young skinhead with a shirt stating "it's a white thing and I'll MAKE you understand" but that is a different story. Thing I'm getting at here is I don't understand why people continue to make afrocentric (right word?) pictures with such dreaded stereotypes. KING'S RANSOM is horrid this way not to mention it's poorly made and the script is wretched. I did however greatly enjoy it. I love Anthony Anderson and Regina Hall from the SCARY MOVIE and other spoof films and will watch them in anything no matter how stupid. Like David Cross, I can't stand Jay Mohr, not a personal thing, it's the roles he takes.....I'm not supposed to like him...but here he has a character I rather took to. Still, it's a below average offering, will be of no use on television when it's edited though it could be funny in the way watching THE SOPRANOS on A&E is (hey mothermilker, didn't I flippin' tell youse to blow his fishin' head from his flubberin' shoulders?!?!??!?!) but it is worth a quick scan just to see the great Jackie Burroughs attack Anderson when he tries to steal her hooch.


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