Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Not There

Here is another example of me being too snobby for my own damn good. I'M NOT THERE was an art house hipster darling hence I avoided as I would daylight or Perrier which considering the number of times I've seen Dylan was rather stupid of me but while I've been trying to figure out how to blurb this film for several months now let me start by saying I don't think the picture is about Bob Dylan at all. Yes, it uses his music, authorized at that, and it does splice together bit and pieces of his mythos but as a whole it's something quite unique and different. Todd Haynes explored something similar with VELVET GOLDMINE but here he seems to have perfected the concept and while much was made of the Oscar nominated Cate Blanchett (who once again chameleons herself into another amazing role) the entire cast is stunning. Richard Gere does stick out like bum note but this has more to do with his part and the contrast of how it is shot and presented than his acting. Special mention must be made of David Cross and his depiction of Allen Ginsberg. The resemblance is downright spooky, so much I though for a second they has upgraded and spliced in archival footage. If he had the time to work with a diction coach for this part he would have bang on nailed it and anybody thinking of doing a biopic on Allen should have Cross at the very top of their list to star.
Let me try and sum all of this up, the film is a must see, it is not so much about the historical Dylan as perhaps an exploration of us all and the many people we are in a lifetime and I'M NOT THERE is one to buy, not rent. You will want to watch it many times as it is truly an amazing piece of work.


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