Monday, July 13, 2009

National Treasure

Nicolas Cage gets himself an Indiana Jones type franchise in this fun natured, if generic, action thriller. About as believable as the news we're coming out of this current recession but still a boat load of fun. Sean Bean always makes a great bad guy and while I would have rather seen Christopher Plummer play Cage's dad rather than Jon Voight it was great to see him just the same. Also great to see Jon Turtletaub direct something worth watching. He was recently involved in that dreadful HARPER'S ISLAND experiment and gave us such gems as THE KID, 3 NINJAS, PHENOMENON and that abomination INSTINCT. With NATIONAL TREASURE it's just straight forward action with a good Masonic yarn thrown in and while I've not seen the second one as of yet I do hope Cage will continue to explore this character.


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