Monday, July 13, 2009

The Center of the World

Wayne Wang is one of those directors who love to try different things as his resume depicts. With such films as BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE, THE JOY LUCK CLUB and LIFE IS CHEAP...BUT TOILET PAPER IS EXPENSIVE to his credit many will find THE CENTER OF THE WORLD a very dark departure. The grainy quality of the digital camera work can't hide the flaws in this depressing look at spiritual emptiness and the use of random sex to try and fill the void. Some will love the film, most will hate it as I noted when I saw it in the theatre back in the day. By films end, there were three people left in what had started as a full auditorium. This is not due to the work of Molly Parker or Peter Sarsgaard but rather the lack of cohesive narrative or paced continuity. Much like life it just meanders about and it's no wonder the film is mostly known for Alisha Klass' now famous lollipop scene. As stated, some will love it but for the less adventurous, beware.


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