Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, let me start by saying need for you to run out and catch this one on the big screen, you'll be happier no doubt to wait for the DVD as it's sure to have some great extras.


How can there be spoilers on this one?

Sacha Baron Cohen expands on his hit and run, hold-a-mirror to society antics in what is not so much a sequel to BORAT but an expansion of this theme only touching the homophobic nerve rather than the xenophobic one. For this very reason BRUNO will no doubt be a hit with the gay community, at least those with a sense of humor, but other than that after opening weekend I do not think this will have box office power, at least not in rural America.

Oh sure, there are funny bits guaranteed and I'm pretty sure Cohen counted his lucky stars he wasn't shot! That is IF, and it's one mighty big IF, certain key scenes weren't staged. This is only relevant as it's one of Cohen's selling points but there is no way you can tell me the scenes involving U.S. military weren't set up.
The most poignant part of the film comes with the octagon fight scene near the end and as a bit of social commentary it nears genius. However, I still find myself looking back to BORAT which had far better pacing and construction and point blank was funnier. It's kind of sad when Harrison Ford steals the entire picture in what amounts to less than a second of screen time!
As for the celebrity music video at the end......other than a few looks from Bono who is obviously in on the joke it was a waste of time though it was cool to see the Pillsbury Homosexual (Elton John) using a Mexican as a piano stool!
Well worth a boo but doesn't live up to the promos or the hype but hey, look at the bright side, at least we wont have to spend the next year listening to boring, ugly people doing vocal impersonations of Bruno like we did with Borat.


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