Friday, June 19, 2009

Intolerable Cruelty

Even though this is a Joel Coen directed feature it sadly doesn't come off any better than an average little romantic comedy with some serious star power. The combination of George Clooney as the wolverine divorce lawyer and Catherine Zeta-Jones as the money hungry sylph is a fine one but the presentation is such as one ends up feeling they've seen it all before. Geoffrey Rush and Cedric the Entertainer actually upstage the mentioned A-listers and Billy Bob Thornton has some fantastic moments especially in the predictable twist. Richard Jenkins once again gives a fab performance and great to see Bruce Campbell getting work in the big show. What stood out for me was the speech Clooney delivers at the lawyers convention, while slightly out of place as a set up for the big fall if you take it as a stand alone is is a heartfelt and moving piece of oration. Not bad but nothing special.