Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Away from Her

Sarah Poley has been involved with television and film so long it shouldn't have surprised me when the time came for her to make the switch to directing. It did surprise me when I heard she was adapting Alice Munro's short story THE BEAR CAME OVER THE MOUNTAIN herself but after seeing the results I was NOT surprised to see it get the Oscar nomination. I'd love to see a collection of Polley's previous shorts as her work with AWAY FROM HER is stunning, so much so if she were to direct a toothpaste commercial I'd have to track it down.
I don't feel the need to "review" this at length, I rarely do in my blurbs, as there was so much press on this one (all of it fantastic) you can easily find authoratative pieces elsewhere. What I will say is I do not recommend this to anybody who has recently been touched by the horror of Alzheimer's though I think people who are supporting friends going through the process should certainly see it as there is an educational element present which will help one understand the struggle. It's a vicious disease, something AWAY FROM HER only scratches the surface of being part awareness message but more using the misfortune to set the stage for a heart wrenching love story to unfold. I could be way off the mark here but for as much was made of Julie Christie's Oscar nominated performance this is really the story of Gordon Pinsent's character. No Academy nod for him though he did grab the ACTRA award and rightfully so. His work is solidly authentic and I am honestly unable to think of a finer performance from him.
AWAY FROM HER is both simple and complex, ugly and beautiful, both sad and uplifiting and well worth the emotional work it demands of you. If Sarah Poley can continue to direct in this fashion she will certainly grow to be a national treasure just like Pinsent. Special mention must be made of Jon Goldsmith's score which extremely well suited to the material.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on this movie. I`ve seen it four times now, and each time I look at it from a different point of view. Still, the story of sacrifice told by Pincent`s character is the most gut wrenching I`ve seen in a long time. It`s horrible when you love someone and they don`t remember all the love they have shared. I know how that feels.

CAR, Silversurfer, Casper

9:06 PM  
Anonymous CJ said...

"AWAY FROM HER is both simple and complex, ugly and beautiful, both sad and uplifiting and well worth the emotional work it demands of you. "
Yes, you are so right,(as a warm smile changes the contour of my face) I agree. Yet, isn't what this game called life is all about? Don't forget..."it is better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all." and the best thing anyone can remember in a relationship it its just like being a good guest at a party, never outstay your welcome. OX

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