Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paris Trout

Stephen Gyllenhaal, father of Maggie and Jake, certainly shows his directing chops with this one. The Peter Dexter novel was emotionally disturbing enough but when he adapted it for the screen the effect is intensified. Cult roles aside this is the character many serious film viewers remember when they think of Dennis Hopper. This is all the more amazing when you consider this was made for television. TV directing is Gyllenhaal's arena but nowhere in his amazing list of credits does he come close to the power he exibits here. It certainly doesn't hurt to have Ed Harris bringing his A-game and while he and Hopper are superb it is Barbara Hershey who steals the show and I'm still stunned she didn't grab an Emmy for it. Don't let the made for television bit lead you into thinking this is fluff, it isn't. It is brutal on so many levels it leaves many viewers numb. If you thought Hopper was mad in BLUE VELVET just wait 'til you see him as Paris Trout.


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