Friday, April 10, 2009

Pinapple Express

This is the first David Gordon Green film I've seen and with him doing the script for the remake of SUSPERIA (I know.....NOTHING is sacred anymore as if it ever was) I thought this should be rectified. It doesn't hurt that PINEAPPLE EXPRESS also stars Seth Rogen whose popularity is rising faster than the unemployment rates. Easy to see why, he can do low brow, throw in some high brow, a bit of the profound and add some great action and slapstick to the mix which is pretty much what we have here. Nothing really original but it kills a couple of hours and if stoner comedies are your thing it will make you laugh. Bill Hader has a great opening spot and Ed Begley Jr. is a riot as the overprotective father of Rogen's still in highschool teenage love. You can always rely on James Franco for solid work, alas while he shines we must also witness what has become of poor Rosie Perez's career. Standard fare but like the odd Big Mac it will satisfy certain cravings.


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