Friday, April 03, 2009

Fool's Gold

Andy Tennant has one of those Hollywood stories I just love, going from being a dancer in the 1978 film GREASE to bankable director or at least he was before FOOL'S GOLD hit, through no fault of his own I might add. This one suffers from the money bag heads marketing it as a comedy and yes, there are comedic elements but it is so much more. Love story, family story, adventure story with some good laughs thrown do you market a film like this? The same way you promoted the remake of THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR or ROMANCING THE STONE. Not the greatest film you will see but far better than (once again) the elitist critic force and film school snobics would have you think. Matthew McConaughey does everything you expect him to including showing off that "tight, fit ((insert Michael Myer's GOLDMEMBER voice here)) body of his, enough so you could easily slip this one into rotation as a "chick flick" and get away with it! Kate Hudson is, well......Kate either like her or you don't and Donald Sutherland......he's....well...Donald Sutherland and of course we all love him and I think he might have set a record in this film as actor in the most films since the history of film....or at least Canadian in the most films or something like that. Ray Winstone adds some mighty fine support and it's always great to see ol Spud from TRAINSPOTTING, Ewen Bremner getting some Tinsel Town love. Special mention must be made of Anthony Anderson and Kevin Hart who I love from the SCARY MOVIE films and extra special notice has to paid to Alexis Dziena who was by far the funniest in this one! I can't wait to see what she does ten years from now.
Kick back, crack a Corona and let FOOL'S GOLD win you!


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