Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Caeser and Cleopatra

Not a film as such but a straight account of the Bernard Shaw play as it was presented at Stratford this past January. I had greatly hoped to catch it but alas life sometimes has a nasty habit of getting in the way of one's wishes. It just debuted on BRAVO Canada so it will no doubt be in rotation shortly and this is one not to be missed. To proclaim Christopher Plummer as outstanding by far misses the mark. He brings such a wry and menacing wit to the lead it becomes absolutely magical. Of course Plummer is a national treasure but this wasn't a case of celebrity casting, he was perfect for the role. While many may not know Nikki Michelle James by name chances are you will recognize her face and she plays a wonderful Cleopatra. Another face you'lll know will be veteran Peter Donaldson. CAESER AND CLEOPATRA makes for an excellent way to combine some laughs with your culture and is yet another one you can sneak in there as a chick flick without anybody knowing.


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