Friday, April 10, 2009

Le jour avant le lendermain (Before Tomorrow)

I have now seen this film twice and have been trying to figure out a proper way to write about it for the last couple of weeks and I'm still a bit stumped so I'll start by saying was possibly the best foreign film I've ever seen. This is markedly sad as it's a Canadian film and part of a trilogy I wasn't aware of at that. Point I'm trying to make here is the film seemed so alien to me it may as well have been filmed on Pluto. This picture stars Madeline Ivalu, who also wrote it, and her grandson Paul-Dylan playing the roles of the same which is just one of the many unique aspects of BEFORE TOMORROW. The idea of the early like of the Inuit people seeming so alien is one which caused me personal shame as I grew up studying such culture but the way it is presented here is so authentic it is neither drama nor documentary. You are THERE as a fly on the wall or a dog in the corner, it comes off as being that real. My only complaint would be the inclusion of the music of Kate and Anna McGarrigle. Great songs and they are both personally as beautiful as their music but I found it took away from the experience in the sense everything is so genuine why include any English or French language....just stick to Inuktitut. As for the common complaint of some scenes being too long, I have to disagree. The pacing is indicative of the time and lifestyle and only add to the mood. By far one of those most soul touching movies you will see on the big screen this year and maybe for years to come.


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