Tuesday, March 03, 2009

North Country

For some reason I always mix this one up with MONSTER. Sure, they both star Charlize Theron in less than flattering roles and they are both based on true stories but it still puzzles me why I continue to confuse the two. In this case we have the story of a lady coal miner who spear heads a class action sexual harassment case. It's a fine enough film though the court room scene at the end is far too cinematically contrived for my liking. The monlogue Richard Jenkins delivers made the film for me and I always like to see Sean Bean even if he is underused here. Somehow Woody Harrelson puls off his lawyer role and nice touch of casting magic bringing Sissy Spacek on board.


Anonymous cj said...

sorry to say i had and still have absolutely no interest to see this movie. Perhaps when i get older or grow up, who knows.

1:12 PM  

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