Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rear Window

Back when I was a young teenager cutting my teeth on the Hitchcock canon I was chomping at the bit to see this, one of the "Five Lost" films. In fact the five films weren't lost at all, Hitchcock bought all of the rights back and would not let them be shown. In the case of REAR WINDOW I honestly don't know why because from a purely technical point of view it may very well be his best film not to mention being one hell of a fantastic mystery. When I finally did manage to see almost at the age of twenty I was utterly amazed and I still watch this film with great awe. As so much has been said and written about this one allow me to point out one thing many people overlook. REAR WINDOW was made in diegetic style which means all of the sound, including the musical score, comes from the enviroment within the film. For such a major choice it is so subtle in it's presentation many don't catch it.


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It's one of my favourite films.

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