Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Texas Funeral

This W. Blake Herron film is not an easy one to track down but you can find it running sometimes on late night televsion. It has a slow and awkward start which almost made me turn the damn thing off but it's important to get past the first twenty minutes for the vibe of A TEXAS FUNERAL to kick it and it's an odd vibe. Mixing a ghost stroy, with a coming of age and a buddy flick and a chick flick sounds like a recipe for failure but it all pulls together in the end and the results are more than satisfying. Robert Patrick is part of that weak start and that had me puzzled and I usually enjoy his work as I do Chris Noth, Even Martin Sheen starts off on the wrong foot as it were as if they had to reshoot the whole beginning or something. Still, as I've mentioned when it get's going the ride is a heart warming one and well worth the time.


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