Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Superhero Movie

After a string of flops such as MEET THE SPARTANS and EPIC MOVIE in the spoof genre it's great to see them back on track with SUPERHERO MOVIE. As we all know, this moronic style of gag comedy is not going to be enjoyed by all and some might even question just what the standards are for determining a good one in this genre. The answer is quite simple....is it funny and in this case the answer would be VERY. From the title it should be obvious to all what is under attack here and the results are amazing. Sure, it helps if you happen to be a comic geek to get half of the jokes here, some being of a higher caliber than we usually find in Zucker produced films but even if you aren't there are jokes here which will have you pissing your pants. Shame they didn't make better use of Pamela Anderson but on the other hand the fact they were able to get veteran Marion Ross to perform some of the bits she did is amazing.


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