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Well, gotta love Hollywood for this one, take one of the most famous disasters of the 20th century and turn it into a bloody love story. This should be all I have to say on this matter, unfortunately it isn't.
One of the problems of raising a teenage daughter during this period was the DiCaprio factor. Leonardo this, Leonardo that and I don't how great the chemistry was between he and Winslet, when you have the damn thing on 24/7 constant video rotation with a gaggle of tweenies mooning over the damn thing you want to friggin' well round them and James Cameron up and drop them on some damn Hoth like ice planet!
In all fairness, TITANIC is a modern achievement in epic film making and deserved every Oscar it floated away with and I especially extol Cameron's choice to cast Gloria Stuart as the older Rose. An amazing woman off screen as well as on I gather she still makes her wood cut prints on an old Vandercook press at the age of 98!
Speaking of women, I must confess to even liking the Celine Dion (who does not invite me over to eat Kraft Dinner!) song tied into this film.
What I DID NOT like about TITANIC is two fold, the first being watching it in the middle of the IMAX theatre at Ontario Place after consuming a dozen or so beers, brilliant idea that! Yes, watch a film about water in a jam packed house and just try to get up and out of that enviroment without pissing yourself and don't forget it's loaded with crying, swooning teenage girls, forget it, your pants will be as soaked as Jack's at the end which brings me to my second problem with TITANIC.
Talk about a predictable ending.......unsinkable ship hits big ass piece of ice floating around in the ocean and sinks. Rumor has it Cameron shot an alternative ending where the lost were recovered by those water aliens from THE ABYSS and transported to modern day America where they become Republicans or something and instigate world peace. Sadly, Cameron has yet to release this version on DVD but no doubt our man from Kapuskasing, Ontario will get around to it when he's done looking for ship wrecks!


Blogger Warren Wesson said...

It is too easy for me to forget that I saw this movie in the theatres when it was released. I liked it a lot.

The soundtrack was very well done ... as was mostly everything else with this film ... but the soundtrack mix in the classic love denied heartbreaker .. that really was the only possible outcome for this tragic storied event ... moved me to a single tear at The Park Lane cinema.

It feels like a long time ago ...

12:25 PM  
Anonymous CJ said...

Well, lets see. perdictable yes, yet I must say it was well done. Being from from Nova Scotia myself (as you know) I have sat as a child at the graves of the victims of that large albatros that took so many lives that night. Watching that movie was touching, sweet in a desperate, "doomed" & moving way....The only thing that I thought was disturbing was when she threw the pendent into the ocean at the end...WHAT STUPID, silly, self serving act of...She could have used that to do such great some half crazed treasure diving pirate is going to use it to build himself a fancy house to put his little trollops in bla bla bla...still makes me mad.

2:42 PM  

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