Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Serpent and the Rainbow

I've not yet read the Wade Davis book this film is based on though I see him around town here enough. I guess I'm just waiting to get a copy signed before I do so but I can well imagine all the nonsense Wes Craven throws in at the end of this flick will not be there. This would stand out as one of Craven's best films were it not for the spook-house antics of the finale, well paced, superior acting for a Wes feature with Bill Pulman more than carrying the lead, superior story material and then whammo...right off the friggin' rails. Perhaps the studio stuck their noses into the pie or maybe even Craven himself felt something extra was needed for the teenage demographic, who knows, all I can say is it still worth a look, just be prepared for the hocus pocus at the end.


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