Friday, January 02, 2009


Director Danny Boyle is raking in the dough with his recent SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE not like I'm implying he was idle since TRAINSPOTTING...I mention it only because this was nominated for an Oscar for the script and it looks like his latest might do it again.
What can I say about TRAINSPOTTING......fucking genius.........that's what. Brought Ewan McGregor and Robert Carlyle to the attention of the world as well as author Irvine Welsh. Odd to see an Englisman make what may very well be the best film about Scotland in modern day. Make no mistake, while this is a hip and funny piece of work it will slice you right in the jugular at times. The "baby" scene is right there as one of the most horrific you will ever see and the "kick to the nuts" scene will haunt male viewers for years. Just the same, it's must see just like the soundtrack is a must own and also just like we bloody well need to see Welsh's sequel PORNO put to!


Blogger Warren Wesson said...

I would never risk seeing this film again. Even listening to the soundtrack is risky business.

At least twice that I can remember .. I have fallen off the wagon within a week of watching this film.

Not that the movie in anyway .. in my mind .. intentionally glorifies drug use ... its just so real.

.... It is an excellent movie.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Warren Wesson said...

... My comment went to post before I was finished.

I cannot watch the show "Intervention" for the same reason.....

No matter how bad the situtation .... the junkie still wants to use .. and that says more about the junkie than the film.

Again it is a great movie. Better than great.

.... Now I want to see it again... maybe try and find the sense of humour that up until now has been lost on me.

Maybe I should not be looking for the light side to this film ... although I seem to remember the ending tried to be funny.

Awww hell. I'm renting it tonite.

12:34 PM  

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