Saturday, January 03, 2009

Demon Seed

Back in 1977 this was considered to be a high brow horror/sci-fi hybrid and while I hate to knock anything my man Dean R. Koontz was involved with I have to say this is one serious ass clunker of a film. I gather Julie Christie which be just as happy if it didn't exist and it would almost be a decade before another Koontz novel was adapted for screen. The premise is interesting enough, a super sentient computer desires to think outside of the box, in a literal sense, and goes about impregnating Christie to achieve it's objective. Despite what many would have you think Christie is not raped by a robot though there are a couple of great "chase" scenes. Christie does her best here with the material she is given to work with but half way through the story goes from being fantastic to simply laughable. Even Fritz Weaver's dead pan can't help this one. If you manage to make it to the ending there is a neat payoff but this is one rare occasion I'd have to say wait for the remake as with some retooling this story will work on film in spades.


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