Friday, January 02, 2009

Murder By Numbers

Those who know their Hitchcock will watch this and start screaming about this being a rip-off of ROPE which is kind of true, it's main characters are loosely based on the murdering duo of Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold back in the mid 1920's just like Hitchcock's were but that should be the end of the comparison. Barbet Schroeder gives us a standard money maker here, throw Sandra Bullock in as a hot ass detective with a haunted past, give her a boy toy partner in Ben Chaplin and let her go after a couple of rich kid psycho shits in Ryan Gosling and Michael Pit and pray to hell the tweenies put their little panties in the theatre seats! It is what is it right up to the literal cliffhanger ending and while you could do far worse for your viewing dollar you sure as hell can do much better.


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