Friday, January 02, 2009

Stuck on You

By all rights this film should suck, I mean, the idea of Matt "The Speedster" Damon and Greg Kinnear playing conjoined twins just reeks of suckness, problem is the Farrelly brothers directed it and they don't suck. Neither does STUCK ON YOU. This is a comedy for people who know their Hollywood and if watched with that in mind this is one hell of a funny film. The fact Cher is willing to take the piss out of herself for the cause is all you really need to know and she is hillarious throughout. Her "bed" scene with Fankie Munoz is killer and there are plenty more cameos to satisfy the star gazers out there. Be sure to watch it right through the end credits to see the real life thank you speech from Ray "Rocket" Valliere which while certainly out of place in a comedy will greatly move you.


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