Thursday, January 29, 2009

Max Payne

Another of the adapted from a video game offerings Max Payne does stand out as being a bit better than average. Mark Wahlberg does as good job here as long as he sticks to the action though I do have to say MAX PAYNE has some of the worst fight scenes I've witnessed in a long time. It's like bad wrestling when you can see they aren't hitting each other which is certainly not what you want in a film of this nature. Fortunately the gun battles are much better though there are some slow motion scenes which drag on a tad. Beau Bridges provides good support as does Mila Kunis and recent Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is always a welcome add on. Shot partly in Toronto we once again get to see the old unused portion of the Bay/Bloor subway station and be sure to watch right to the end of the final credits to see the set up for the sequel.


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