Thursday, January 22, 2009


Fans of Christopher Lambert in HIGHLANDER will love this off-beat adaptation of the epic poem. Hard to tell if it's meant to be set in post nuclear future or some alternate universe, who cares and this is the whole point of this take on the BEOWULF legend, who cares. We have Lambert grimacing and cracking one-liners all the while wielding a mean sword and that is more than enough. Need more? Try Rhona Mitra in her training leathers as it were. Don't know her? You will when UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS opens tomorrow. Still need more? Try Playmate Layla Roberts doing duty as the Grendel mom! Smoking hot, just like the great German industrial score the use during the fight scenes. Sure, Grendel looks like a bad PREDATOR rip-off and Mom morphs into something akin to what one might find in a hand held video game, as I said, who cares, we have boobies and blood and Christopher Lambert. What more could you ask for?


Anonymous cj said...

I cant wait to see this !!!! have in in my Que on netflix..

1:28 PM  

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