Thursday, January 29, 2009

See Spot Run

It would me quite easy to overlook or take this piss out of this little family picture but that would be missing the point. John Whitesell has been working in television for years so has the feel of a sit-com but it does deliver some incredible laughs. Dog films always seem to do good with the kids and this is no exception. David Arquette who is just a big kid anyway makes a perfect sidekick for the bulldog, Leslie Bibb is great as the eye candy and Paul Sorvino is his usually great self getting in some true belly busters here. Constance Marie has a little cameo and this marks the only acting credit for foley artist great Dan O'Connell who provides the voice for Spot. Speaking of Spot, you can't have a dog film without a "poop" scene and this one provides one of the funniest ever.


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