Thursday, January 29, 2009

Death Race


How can there be spoilers for a vehicle like DEATH RACE! Well, the trailers make no mention of the original DEATH RACE 2000 so I was worried they just lifted the concept from the DEATH RALLY video game. Turns out there are enough elements of the original here to satisfy the old fans and win a whole generation of new ones. Frankenstein is back in a new form and it was a nice touch for director Paul W.S. Anderson to have David Carradine in for a voice cameo but what this all boils down to is an avenue for Jason Stratham to raise all holy hell and fuck people's shit up. Of course, this is something he does extremely well. DEATH RACE is straight forward full throttle action and mayhem and though not as complex as CRANK this stands out as a mighty fine offering and is far better than the trailers would make you think which is rare. It also has one of the best beheadings in recent memory.


Blogger Warren Wesson said...

I'm presuming you didn't pay 10bux to see it though .... LOL

I saw it in the theatre ... and I would add to this review that ... yes it was all that you said ... it was also mercifully short running time which saved it.

Could have been a touch gorier.

11:23 AM  

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