Wednesday, January 07, 2009

House of Frankenstein

Long before Toho Studios did their monster mash thing or the WWE came up with the Royal Rumble, Universal had the great idea of "if two ghoulies do well....why not four" and thus we were given HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, which really should have been called THE RUINS OF THE HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN WHICH JUST SO HAPPENS TO ONCE AGAIN HAVE HIS FROZEN MONSTER KICKING ABOUT SOMEWHERE DOWN BELLOW IT as there is no member of the family as such here, just Boris Karloff as a crazy old doctor who thaws out (again) Glenn Strange as the monster who still seems to be hanging out with Lon Chaney Jr. as the wolf-man when for no real reason Joh Carradine shows up as Dracula with Oscar nominated Kevin J. Naish running around as a hunchback, also for no real reason and you have the makings for a good little fight! The late, great Curt Siodmak provided the amusing script for this 65 year old offering making this one good for laughs for the novices and great nostalgic fun for the spook heads.


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OK...i have to watch this have my curiousity...

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