Friday, January 30, 2009

The Gate ll: Trespassers

Tibor Takacs brings back Louis Tripp to once again open that "gate" which lets some bad ass thingies into our dimension who chase scantily clad ample breasted women about so they can fall down, scream a whole bunch and what have you. One of the said women happens to be Pamela Adlon who I'm sure would like to forget this film as much as THE ADVENTURES OF FORD FAIRLANE (she was a PUSSYCAT!) now that she has become a big star with CALIFORNICATION not to mention BOSTON LEGAL. In fact, she's still bound to become an even bigger star as she simply does not stop working so we can all forgive her for collecting her pay in this clunker. Besides, with films like THE GATE the fan base knows what they're getting, so what if the mass populus don't enjoy them. Takacs still keeps making films so somebody must be watching them.


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