Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Skulls

Rob Cohen can be hit and miss as far as the type of film he delivers and with THE SKULLS he falls somewhere in the middle. The story involves the Skull and Bones club of Yale (never actually mentioned in the film!) and the evil doings they may or may not be up to. It was shot here in Toronto and I remember gaggles of tweenies running rampant all over the city trying to hunt down Joshua Jackson then an uber-god because of DAWSON'S CREEK. He does a fair job here if you like his style. Craig T. Nelson makes a fine bad guy but is well upstaged by William Petersen and we get some fair mileage out of Leslie Bibb but the film just never lives up to it's potential. The concept is such a great one it becomes a shame to watch it wallow in the mud due to being aimed at the teen demographic. Still, it's not bad as a time waster with adequate suspense and enough action to keep it moving if you don't think on it too hard. Look for Malin Akerman, who we will see more of in THE WATCHMEN, in her big screen debut.


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