Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Die Hard

As you may have noticed I'm trying to blast out all of the Christmas films in my collection, not that I have any real beef with the holiday, just need the space for all of the bad American remakes of Asian horror films in my apartment! It's been 20 years now since John McTiernan unleashed this pyrotechnic shoot 'em all back to Bethlehem mother of all Christmas action flicks and while some of the sappy banter is found to be lagging the stunts and spectacle still more than hold up. Bruce Willis was already a star when this one broke but DIE HARD turned him inot a true household name and it also introduced Alan Rickman to the big screens. This is a no brainer exercise here, if the women don't want to watch Bruce with hair run about mugging to the camera and popping one-liners they can get busy making the holiday bird or what-have-you and leave you in relative "peace" with your egg nog!


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