Sunday, December 14, 2008


I continue to be shocked at the number of people I come across who refuse to watch this film simply because it is about what they think to be a talking pig. This is of course wrong, all of the animals in fact talk, only between themselves. James Cromwell, in the role of his life, as Farmer Hoggett barely says anything mostly because of Magda Szubanski as Mrs. Hoggett so it's a good thing the animals do talk! Point is BABE is an instant classic and I'd bet dollars to donuts it will be loved many years from now in the same fashion we love THE WIZARD OF OZ. I've not pleasure myself with reading Dick King-Smith's novel by George Miller's script is excellence on display as is the who project. The character of Babe will melt even the most jaded heart and Christine Cavanaugh does a splended job in voicing him. Other vocal highlights are Hugo Weaving as Rex and Danny Mann will have you in stitches as Ferdinand the Duck, as will the three singing mice. Of course they had to toss a Christmas theme in there for marketing reasons but it does add a nice touch making this perfect holiday viewing material. Easily makes my TOP TWENTY best films of all time!


Blogger Warren Wesson said...

" It takes a kind and gentle heart "

I road into the whole experience on my kids coattails .. dvd rental to occupy time ... amazing movie. I've seen a couple of my favorite movies of all time this way.

Randy Newman w. Peter Gabriel on the soundtrack .. Mm Mm :)

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