Sunday, December 07, 2008

All the Pretty Horses

Billy Bob Thornton does an killer job directing this adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's now famous novel. McCarthy is the key factor to who will love or hate this piece of work. His style of story telling is similar to that of Hemmingway thus the pacing may turn some off. Matt Damon and Henry Thomas have the necessary chemistry to pull this one off though I can't help but wonder what ALL THE PRETTY HORSES would have been like if Redford and Newman were young enough to have shot it. Great scenery and perhaps Penelope Cruz was miscast but she does provide an interesting catalyst for Damon's John Grady Cole character to bounce off of. Nice to see Sam Shepard on screen for a bit and look for the only cameo to date of Daniel Lanois who Thornton had used to score his earlier film SLING BLADE.


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