Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Black Stallion

This amazing adaptaton of Walter Farley's novel is one of those rare instances where all ages and genre lovers will be pleased. This is the debut film from Carrol Ballard and if he never made another it wouldn't have mattered as this one is close to perfection. The casting of Kelly Reno, who grew up on a cattle ranch and has been riding horses since he could walk, is an absolute godsend. His interactions with not only the horse but Mickey Rooney are truly magical. Hoyt Axton and Teri Garr add necessary support but the true star here is of course the Arabian stallion Cass Ole who we also saw in ANIMAL HOUSE. Amazing score done by Carmine Coppola, grandfather of Francis Ford who went to film school with Ballard and produced and presents this film. Both visually and emotionally stunning, THE BLACK STALLION is an experience you will never forget.


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