Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Avengers

Hard to say why the public and critics alike ripped this film a new one as it were because it manages to capture the spirit of the television series to a tee, the script even borrowing from several episodes of the original. Ralph Fiennes does an excellent John Steed and while Uma Thurman is no Diana Rigg she does great justice to the Emma Peel character. I can understand the reservations of some as to the casting of Sean Connery as the villain here but he seems to be having a hoot with the role so I have no personal onjections. As for the continuity problems and plot oversights this no doubt has much to do with Warner Studios taking the axe to half of the bloody film and I'm curious to see if a proper director's cut will ever make it to DVD as the film did so poorly at the box office they simply may not bother. Speaking of poorly, Montreal born Jeremiah Chechik seems to have been relegated to the world of TV directing because of this film which is a shame as the man does fine work. Taken for what it is THE AVENGERS is a fun bit of camp as it should be. Nice homage to BLADERUNNER in the chess scene and "look" for Patrick Macnee in an interesting cameo.


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Har! I couldn't bring myself to watch this one.

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