Sunday, December 07, 2008

Highlander 2: Renegade Version-Director's Cut

Why would Sean Connery be in such a wretched piece of work?!?!?!?....because Christopher Lambert demanded his character be in this dreadful sequel and he walked away with 3.5 million bucks for his trouble! Still doesn't explain how Connery ended up in FIRST KNIGHT but that's a whole different story. This "renegade" version is an attempt by director Russel Mulcahy to fix the mess the studio made of his work and released as HIGHLANDER II: THE QUICKENING and truth be told it doesn't make one hell of a lot of difference. Acting.....subpar even with Connery on screen. Effects....Mickey Mouse at best and the script.....oh my gawd...the script.....what little there is of it is just fucking horrid. Truth be told I think we'd be more entertained if they had released this as a short called HIGHLANDER II: HOW MANY FINGERS AM I HOLDING UP and Lambert had one chopped to the bone and then went and nearly hacked poor Michael Ironside's thumb off! Oh.....and Virginia Madsen...she can hardly act on the best of days for some reason (though she did deserve her Oscar nomination for the work she did in SIDEWAYS) and here she manages to reach new lows. Bad, just simply bad, and should be avoided no matter which version you come across.


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