Thursday, May 08, 2008

Secret Window

If you rip your own work off is it called plagiarism? In the case of SECRET WINDOW this seems to be kind of what Stephen King has done and oddly the film is about just that. Depp is a successful author who is confronted by a man who feels he stole a story from him and the action progresses from there. Johnny is great mixing aspects of King's autobiographical story with parts of Hunter S. Thompson's persona to give us a lead very enjoyable to watch. You honestly don't care how stupid the films gets at points or the obvious plot devices, Depp is just a hoot making it well worth your time. Yes, SECRET WINDOW seems to be an extension on THE DARK HALF theme, especially the film version which might be why director David Koepp decided to bring Timothy Hutton on board, but so what, it entertains you fopr a couple of hours and along with Depp you get an amazingly campy performance out of John Tuturro. What more could you want?


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