Saturday, May 10, 2008

U2: Rattle and Hum

I remember being quite pissed when this baby came out 20 years ago. It mainly had to do with the ever growing ego of Bono and seeminly the band as a whole. To have them hit America and insinuate themselves into the whole blues legend thingy seemed to be even more proof their heads had swollen enough to rival that of the other single named Sting who I still think should be put in a steel-cage with Bono and let 'em have it.
I am quite happy to report time has been very, VERY kind to RATTLE AND HUM and has been shown over the passed years Bono and the boys are more than willing to put their hearts and money where their mouths are. There is supposed to be well over 48 hours of footage director Phil Joanou shot and the buzz has been a serious ass director's cut will be released this year to celebrate the 20th but not confirmation as yet. As a rock doc it's an amazing piece of work and now it's aged some I think will be enjoyable to even non-fans if for no other reason than the gut wrenching version of SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY presented here.


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