Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Astronaut's Wife

Continuing with my Depp fest we will now look at THE ASTRONAUT'S WIFE and not too closely either. This work mark the first and to date only feature film written and directed by Rand Ravich so we can forgive him for being overly ambitious. Problem is the film meanders all over the place, displays it's climax far too early and then just peters off into mediocrity. Depp barelt acts here opting to look rather like one of the sullen occupants of any goth club you might find while Charlize Theron looks like she still thought she was acting in THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. It's not a horrid piece of work and it was nice to see Samantha Eggar in a bit part but this is more of a curiousity piece for the film junkie rather than for mass consumption.


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