Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Ninth Gate

He we begin a look at my recent little Johnny Depp fest. THE NINTH GATE is by no means a masterpiece, in fact if Emmanuelle Seigner were not in you might not know it's a Roman Polanski film. Johnny Depp stars as a book seller of low morals commissioned to authenticate a rare book which supposedly holds the key to summoning the devil. Silly idea but Depp plays it straight and it's only because of him the film works. Sure, Seigner is fun to look at and Lena Olin has a few fine moments but Frank Langela as our main protagonist is far too stiff. Also, the ending is bloody fucked, almost as if they had no idea how to conclude it so they taked this bugger on there just for the hell of it. Uneven, but a good ride just the same.


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