Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Escape from New York

Here is a cult classic if you ever had one. Kurt Russell kicks some serious ass as Snake (I thought you were dead) Plissken and I'm sure everybody has seen, and loves, this one so I shan't waste time telling you what it's about. I will mention a few things you may not know the first being that yes that is Jamie Lee Curtis who narrates the introduction and Nick Castle who coscripted this with Carpenter played Michael Myers A.K.A. the Shape in Halloween. Another thing worth noting is how disturbing I found it to watch Isaac Hayes as The Duke. I'm serious, I just kept expecting him to say "go fudge yourself" or break out into a riff from Salty Balls. Very disturbing. Also, great work from the late Ernest Borgnine and Donald Pleasence has some stellar moments in this one. A guaranteed great trip down memory lane this is!


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