Friday, May 02, 2008

Nikita (la femme Nikita)

Never mind the wretched American remake or the ill fated television series based on this classic of modern French cinema, stick with this baby and be prepared to be stunned. Razor sharp action thriller from Luc Besson about a female convict turned government assassin NIKITA will simply blow your socks off. Anne Parillaud it sheer perfection in the lead role bringing depth to her work most actresses would just kill to have. Great script with gut wrenching violence to top it off look for a small role with Jean Reno in what may have been the origin of his part as Leon in THE PROFESSIONAL.


Blogger Warren Wesson said...

Nevermind the American remake indeed. Leave that on the shelf. Its' really too bad enough people saw fit to see that piece of shit through.

Luc Besson... the writer and director ..... went on to production after this one .. notably The Transporter series.

The movie is an action adventure must see. The girl Anne Parillaud in it is hot!

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