Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Shipping News

Between this and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, E. Annie Proulx has much to be proud of as far as her contributions to Hollywood go, While BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN certainly stirred the Oscar folks into a frenzy this one was totally ignored and it's a crying shame. A haunting tale of loss and recovery, Lasse Hallstrom is at his very best directing here. While some have been critical of Kevin Spacey here it must be said it helps to understand the Maritime manner and he nails it right smack on the head. Of course it doesn't hurt to have Gordon Pinsent along side to help. Judi Dench is yet again solid as the very rock they are acting on and, yet again, Cate Blachett is damn near impossible to detect leading me to think she may very well be the best morphing actress in the business today. Pete Postlethwaite, Scott Glenn and the always entertaining Rhys Ifans provide superb support and if there is any weakness to be found in this cast it would have to be with Julianne Moore who, even though she LOOKS right for the part, is somehow lacking the depth necessary to carry the heart of the character she is given. Even then, I'd be splitting hairs as this is one moving and heart warming piece of work. A nice little touc as well was using the Gainer triplets in the role of Bunny Quoyle. THE SHIPPING NEWS is a perfect choice for a Saturday dinner and flick night in with a loved one.


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This was a charming film. Very nicely done.

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