Tuesday, April 29, 2008


You can be forgiven if you took a pass on this one which looks like just another Bruce Willis cop flick released at a time when he flooded the market with such fare. However HOSTAGE is a different kind of film. This may have to do with the directing style of Florent Emilio Siri, who I must say after seeing HOSTAGE I am certainly far more interested in. The story itself is nothing special, through buggered up situations Willis must resolve a crisis or stand to have his own family killed. What sets it apart is the strength of the acting and the way the action is presented. You can always rely on Kevin Pollack for good support work and here is no exception. What is happens to be Ben Foster who I swear looks as though he were Trent Reznor doing a slasher flick...the effect is quite disturbing. Better yet, Willis gives more than normal here, showing some depth of character so sadly missing from much of his work during that period and it's a pleasant relief. I should also add the opening credits are one of the coolest I've ever seen. Not Oscar material but certainly damn entertaining.


Blogger Warren Wesson said...

... I saw it. I'll watch almost anything.

If you have a discriminating bone in your body ... or you wont get overly curious take the pass.

As a boredom tool its a little agitating.

I thought Reznor was in it?

Pass.... take the pass.

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