Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If it weren't for the fact damn near everybody ends up dead in this one I would have thought I was watching a pilot for yet another forensic sciences primetimer. That being said, this offering from Renny Harlin is one seriously flawed piece of work....I'm talking plot holes big enough to fly a space shuttle through. This is, of course, not a problem because MINDHUNTERS is a silly bit of fun that just so happens to have a good deal of splat in it. I can understand how thye snagged Christian (yes, I'm a graduate of the Donald Sutherland school of acting) Slater but I'm still scratching my head as to how Val Kilmer got roped into this mess. Jonny Lee Miller of HACKERS and recent ELI STONE fame carries most of the weight here and you know a film is in trouble when LL Cool J stands out for his acting talent but hey, as I said, this is silly fun and if the whole profiler genre is your cup of tea this just might hit the spot.....at least there are a couple of cool death scenes.


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