Friday, May 02, 2008

The Forgotten Woman

The response Deepa Mehta received to WATER prompted the making of this documentary looking at the modern problems of the widows in India, of which there are millions, all livingt in poverty and without status. It`s a mind blowing figure and when you consider this is the 21st century and people are living in and under these conditions it`s stunning. Thus, it is interesting and a testament to Dilip Mehta (brother of Deepa) and his journalistic skills how he was able to let the politics stand to the side and allow the humanity of his subjects come to the front and allow their voices to be heard. This is what moved me the most, women of different ages and for the most part they all still had hope. There is a lesson for many in the West to learn from this. THE FORGOTTEN WOMAN is not only beautiful in visual style it will both warm and break your heart at the same time and is most certainly one of the most powerful documentaries you will ever see.


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