Saturday, May 03, 2008

See No Evil

I'm happy to say the films we get these days starring wrestlers aren't the same type of fare we got back in the Hulk Hogan days. No, they actually do try and muster up a script, bring a real director and have their talent act for a change. In the case of SEE NO EVIL we have a script from former SMACKDOWN writer Dan Madigan being directed by former porn man Gregory Dark and the talent happens to be one Kane or, as he is known to his wife and kids, Glen Jacobs. Did I mention Glen stands at six feet ten inches? Did I mention the cast and crew claimed in many interviews to be petrified of him on set? Did I also mention he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet? This aside SEE NO EVIL is really an extended version of the KANE wrestling character and while not Oscar material is no worse than any of the other bad slasher films being churned out these days and Jacobs at least has the experience to pull this sort of thing off even if the cast of the young and beautiful, who you just soooooooooo want to see get chopped up, didn't! I must also say I was impressed with the directing style of Dark, he has a nice knack for setting up visual atmosphere and I do hope to see him continue in this genre. As for Glen Jacobs, perhaps he can bring his old demented wrestling dentist character Isaac Yankem back to life and take another run at the big screen!


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