Saturday, May 03, 2008

Far and Away

Critics and the general publike alike took some mighty fine pot-shots at this strange little piece of work from Ron Howard and while I won't way it wasn't justified I will state the film is far better than most will have you think. For starters, let's get the accent business out of the way. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman gave it their very best and at times it faltered, so bloody what. when you strip all of the politics about Ireland away and the rest of the hooplah FAR AND AWAY is a simple love story and in this case the two leads were in love and it filters through here. If you take this for what it was meant to be it works in spades, if you're looking for some starving angst ridden hyperbole then you should have watched an Alan Parker film. I found it reminded me of the style used in these sort of epics back in the 40's and 50's and hence a refreshing break from the glut of film which tend to take themselves far too seriously. Being a Ron Howard film, brother Clint has the best cameo ever and his scene alone is worth the price of rental!


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